Ouzoud waterfalls day trip

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip. The Cascades d’Ouzoud are a series of waterfalls located in the province of Azilal, in the Moroccan Middle Atlas. They are located about 160 km east of Marrakech. Waterfalls are fed by the Ouzoud River, which flows along limestone cliffs over 110m high. Divided into three main parts, with waterfalls flowing into round turquoise-colored pools. The highest of the waterfalls reaches a height of 110 m.

Cascades of Ouzoud offer visitors a variety of activities, including hiking, swimming, and scuba diving. The region is also famous for its colonies of swallows which live near the waterfalls. Visitors can also observe laughing monkeys that live in the trees near the waterfalls.

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of Morocco’s most popular and spectacular tourist attractions. Located about 150 km from Marrakech, the Cascades d’Ouzoud region is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The waterfalls are made up of 110 meters of granite cascades that flow into a deep gorge.

The view is spectacular and there are plenty of swimming opportunities in the water pools located throughout the waterfalls. Visitors can also admire colonies of birds, butterflies and a number of wildlife species that inhabit the area. Stuntmen can also explore the nearby caves and the hiking trails that cross the area. The area is also famous for its local markets and restaurants, where visitors can taste delicious local dishes. Is also known for its traditional mills which are still in operation. The mills are built from local stones and are fed by water from the waterfalls. Mills are used to grind grain and produce flour.

Departure in the morning at 8:00 through El Atouia. The arrival at the waterfalls will be around 11:00. Then Exploration of waterfalls and caves. Swimming and meals at the local restaurant. Return to Marrakech around 6:00 p.m.