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tours to morocco with experimentamarruecos

E xperimenta Marruecos is a web operator of travels in Morocco, led by Berbers of "the Desert with charm".

W hat we do is introduce them to the magical Moroccan world , making the trip an experience that is hard to forget.

T he tours can be varied and we adapt to your comfort, being thus free to choose both the number of days of the tour, the itinerary and the place of beginning and end (the journey starts from the arrival airport - Marrakech, Fez or Casablanca).

I n the Tour we will show you the charm of cities imperial, Atlas Mountains, old centuries kasbahs, gorges, valleys and much more ... as well as we will enter the Desert, where you will spend the night in the middle of the dunes (In tents) under the starry night.

You'll share and share experiences with Nomadic people from the south, moments that will seem dreamy.

keep in mind : if the itineraries we offer do not match what you are looking for, get in touch with us and we will try to organize a trip that suits your needs.


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